Business News
September 29, 2016

Whither Twitter?

(Photo credit: Ged Carroll via Flickr Creative Commons) It’s almost become blood sport in the past two years, watching Twitter’s stagnant user growth and investor disquiet, and predicting its downfall or outright demise. As competition like Snapchat and Instagram continue to poach both users and advertising spend, observers have grown…
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Future of Work
September 27, 2016

The changing workforce and 3 ways you can find success in it

Changing is never easy... for anyone. And we at brain+trust partners have been helping brands and individuals evolve the changing landscape of business for many years. Helping businesses strategize and relevantly connect with their customers is what we love to do! In just a few short years, brands learned to connect to customers…
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September 26, 2016

Changing Times for Some…

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for the wonderful welcome offered to Brain+Trust Partners. The past week has been a whirlwind for me, as well as Angus, Scott, Chris and Tim. We did not know what to expect as we launched this next chapter in our…
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September 23, 2016

The Brain+Trust Vision

Credit: Mélanie Plante (Flickr)  When we thought about creating Brain+Trust Partners, we honestly struggled a bit. We knew we wanted to bring together partners who had significant experience with big brands, but we didn't want to create a business model that was unsustainable. And we needed to launch quickly, which meant…
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September 16, 2016

Five things shaping your future

“What’s past is prologue.” – William Shakespeare, The Tempest, Act 2, Scene I Today, Brain+Trust Partners is open for business. As we forge a new future, we thought it was appropriate to reflect on recent history, applying our experience and perspectives to essential business priorities in the near term. Over the…
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