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    Transformation is not a turnkey project, and no two companies have the same audience, architecture and workflows in place. Each client engagement requires an understanding of the DNA of your business, which is unique to your brand. We don’t write prescriptions that only Brain+Trust can fulfill. We holistically collaborate to determine what should develop and take shape next, leveraging internal and external relationships to deliver an iterative best-fit solution to each client.

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    the customer experience

    care + support

    Customers dictate how, when and where they need your care and support, expecting to have their needs met through the channel of their choice. Empathy rules those moments, and arming your brand with contextual customer and product information will eliminate costly time and frustration. We provide guidance and strategy that empowers CX operations to deliver immediate attention to each case, whether by phone, bot, mobile app, website, social media or in person. As well, we show brands how to leverage care and support data alongside other datasets to optimize marketing strategy, craft more accurate customer archetypes and identify additional CX opportunities for improvement.

    marketing + media

    Media is more than a programmatic investment, a radio schedule, or whatever comes out of a content strategy and a keyword planner. Marketing involves every touchpoint between you and your customers, where attribution and analytics must move beyond standard measures of media performance. We help you understand the impact of every media investment on actual business outcomes, as well as how to leverage insights that improve efforts across sales, marketing, product design and development.

    digital commerce

    The future of business must be frictionless for your customers. Today, you must meet expectations for effortless discovery of relevant products and services, swift transactions, and immediate fulfillment and delivery. Making it easier for consumers comes with threats of abandoned ecommerce carts, fraud and data privacy violations. Strong direct-to-customer (DTC) operations and fostering one-to-one customer relationships put your brand in charge of its future, along with its data. We can help you combat fraud while also enabling you to delight customers through innovative ways to transact with your brand.


    External communications and public affairs must be choreographed across paid, earned, hybrid and owned media to create a cohesive, impactful relationship with your customers. While improving retention and positive sentiment for your brand in the marketplace, we also help you build better knowledge-sharing and communication with internal teams across business units and scattered locations. Working with us, you can meet the demands of analysts, customers and employees with tailored, transparent, empathetic communication.

    research + data

    compliance + policymaking

    In addition to GDPR and CCPA, more than two dozen U.S. states have enacted or are considering legislation surrounding data privacy, governance and security. Safely stewarding your first-party data and leveraging third-party information are table stakes for today’s corporate and enterprise operations. From deduplicating and resolving entities with correlated information from various sources, to maintaining the integrity of your customer and employee identity records, Brain+Trust empowers your organization to navigate varied policies with confidence. This lets you avoid costly fines and penalties while building public trust.


    Several times a day, it seems yet another brand has been the victim of a data breach. Credit card data, personal identifiable information (PII), browsing behavior, institutional and academic records, and other types of information frequently end up in the hands of bad actors. Whether the breach happens on your turf or that of a strategic partner, the ramifications of an intrusion can cost your business millions of dollars, hurt stock prices and permanently damage customer relationships. With every data-related client engagement, we are committed to ensuring that you are protected and that you are aligned with partners that are similarly committed to security.

    market research

    Volatility in the markets and changes in human behavior at the hand of technology mean that every quarter presents business surprises and opportunities. Gaining clarity into your market challenges requires understanding the geographic, cultural and other influences affecting your business and your audiences. Through field research and behavioral science, we generate insights to guide strategic and tactical decisions that shape new product opportunities, marketing initiatives and other business priorities for the next 12 to 18 months.

    predictive analytics + forecasting

    Your current datasets can tell a powerful story of what happened in the past. Combined with second- and third-party data, from both digital and analog sources, what is known today can tell you the story of tomorrow. From anticipating competitive shifts to understanding what consumers want next, predictive analytics, behavioral modeling and preferential modeling make your business smarter, more cost-effective and more operationally efficient.


    Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning can cut out tedious tasks, and empower employees at every level to become strategic, creative and data-driven leaders. We help you employ a digital workforce and leverage robotic process automation (RPA) to reduce human errors, lower expenses and improve customer experiences with tools that reduce friction and ramp up speed and accuracy.

    product development

    design thinking

    Design thinking and appreciative inquiry enable a quick understanding of what is successful, scalable and repeatable to build efficient operations and grow revenue. In every client engagement, we establish empathy with customers and their behavior. Brain+Trust helps your team prioritize the planning, building and testing of products, services and new markets.

    applications + digital services

    Today’s enterprises rely on legacy platforms and tools, often challenged by a lack of integration and schema-based data aggregation protocols that drive operational costs up and lead to inefficiency. We work with each client to build a roadmap that capitalizes on existing platforms and data, eliminates redundancy and bridges gaps to create a “true north” of business insights. Not all platforms for customer data, data warehousing and cloud management equally fit brands, so we help you identify and recommend the best options. More importantly, we go beyond turnkey guidance to prepare your organization for ongoing optimization and future-readiness.

    prototype development

    Thanks to thoughtful diligence, research and a global network of design and development partners, we can rapidly prototype new products for market testing. We equip you to quickly bring minimally viable products (MVPs) to life at a lower cost by leveraging first-, second- and third-party data analysis, design thinking and appreciative inquiry.

    market testing

    Deep understanding of customer segments and archetypes is necessary for operational confidence and business growth. We help you implement a “test and learn” approach to customer experience, marketing, communications and product development to provide surety and confident transformations across business units and marketplaces. With Brain+Trust, you leverage peripheral vision that enables you to discover efficiencies and scalable innovation to move beyond unit and revenue goals, paving the way for diversified revenue thanks to new, hyper-relevant products and services.


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