BrainTrust Partners, LLC | Privacy Policy

Your privacy is our #1 priority.
Effective Date: June 8, 2020.

This Privacy Policy describes how BrainTrust Partners, LLC, a Texas Limited Liability Company, doing business as “Brain+Trust Partners” (the “Company”, “we”, or “us”) collects, uses, stores, shares and protects your personal information in connection with the Company’s communications and operations.

Scope of this policy
If you have opted to receive communications from the Company, including email and social network messaging, this Privacy Policy sets forth how we manage any personal data you have shared with the Company. Personal information that you provide to us is subject to this Privacy Policy, and you may be prompted to read and accept it.

How is your data being processed?
Personal information is managed by the Company, with the following contact details:

BrainTrust Partners, LLC
500 W 2nd Street, Suite 1900, #206, Austin, Texas 78701
Contact email:

What are we processing your data for and why are we processing it? (‘Purposes of data processing’, ‘legal basis of the data processing’ and ‘storage periods’)

Subject to obtaining your consent, and as long as you do not withdraw any such consent, we may process your data for the following purposes:

a) To send you electronic commercial communications (if you subscribe to a newsletter) or to answer the requests you may address to us when contacting us through email;

b) For profiling purposes based on your behavior and how you browse the Site, which pages you have visited, and to build audiences. Please note that we may profile users by means of cookies. In those cases, your acceptance of the installation and use of cookies results in data processing for profiling purposes, as prior described in this paragraph.

c) We, from time to time, we may also process your data to protect our legitimate interests, as long as said data is strictly necessary to fulfill the goals to review, monitor, investigate, and analyze how to improve the Site, as well as to keep the Site secure and operational and prevent abusive activity (e.g. fraud, spam, phishing activities, etc.). This may include sending you email to assess the integrity of personal data directly shared with the Company, and to improve your user experience. The interests at stake are ensuring a correct and safe environment, creating and maintaining an environment which is in accordance with the law, and to protect other users’ security when accessing the Site;

d) Besides any commercial electronic and non-electronic commercial communication sent when we have obtained your consent as mentioned above, we may also send you information belonging to us and concerning services and/or products identical or similar to the ones around which you have shown previous interest.

e) Upon dissociating the data we have so as to be impossible to be associated to you or any other person, we may perform statistical and other analysis on information we collect (technical and metadata) to analyze and measure user behavior and trends, to understand how people use our Site and its content, in order to improve and optimize our performance of such content.

Which companies will have access to your personal information?
We do not share your personal information with third parties, which include the Company’s service providers, strategic partners and clients. All service providers are required to comply with our internal standards, policies, and technical and organizational measures that ensure that your data is only accessed by the Company, protected and kept confidential at all times, and only in accordance with and to the extent authorized by this Privacy Policy.

We may share your information with competent courts and authorities, when we are legally required to do so (for instance, to allow such bodies to investigate, prevent, or take action against illegal activities), or we have to take action to protect our rights or any third party rights.

Your rights
You have the right to withdraw your consent at any time. You also have the right to request access to, and rectification of, or erasure of your personal data, or restriction of processing. Please note that if you choose to erase the data we have related to your subscriptions from the Company, your account will be deleted and all data in your account will be permanently deleted from our systems..

We allow you to exercise the above-mentioned rights at any time by contacting the Company at, or by sending a letter to Brain+Trust Partners, 200 W 2nd St, Suite 1900, #206, Austin, Texas 78701.

Updating your information
At any time, you can request updates to your information from links provided in our newsletters, or through sending a request to Please remember that it is your duty to keep information updated.

With respect to data breaches, we will notify you without undue delay upon confirmation that a data breach affecting personal data has taken place against our systems. We will provide you with sufficient information to allow you to meet any obligations to report or inform competent authorities or data subjects. We will reasonably cooperate with you and take such reasonable commercial steps as are directed by you to assist in the investigation, mitigation, and remediation of each such data breach. For avoidance of doubt, you shall be responsible for both filing any reports required under applicable law and notifying data subjects, and you shall defend, indemnify and hold us harmless of any and all costs (including attorney’s fees), fines, or sanctions, or any damages that lack of action on your side may cause.

Changes to the privacy policy
We may amend this Privacy Policy from time to time, as a matter of Company policy development, and in accordance with laws and legislation that address data governance. You may be required to accept the amended Privacy Policy, through formal email communication.