executive briefing

noun | ex·ec·u·tive brief·ing | \ ig-ˈze-k(y)ə-tiv , -kyü- \ ˈbrē-fiŋ \

  1. A highly customized and customer-centric dialogue between key decision makers from brands and subject matter experts from a company who have a high degree of business acumen, technical expertise and a deep understanding of the customer’s business and markets.
  2. A high-value engagement with Brain+Trust Partners.

One of the most difficult things for busy marketing and communications teams to do is take time from work for continuing education and learning. It is resource-intensive to attend an industry conference, as work backs up while your team is away. And, sessions can vary in quality and relevance to your operations.

For years, we’ve heard from many executives who want their team to embrace challenges and capitalize on the opportunities that today’s dynamic market serves up each day. This includes recognizing that the pace of change is a test and that they need to continuously augment their skills to match that pace.


Brain+Trust Partners Executive Briefings

Brain+Trust Partners offers Executive Briefings that provide a State of the Market snapshot of trends and urgencies for your teams to remain productive and competitive. Depending on your needs, we can host 90-minute meetings, half-day sessions, or full-day engagements.

Some examples of topics we can lead:

Social media – moving forward with relevance and accountability

Customer experience – alignment across the organization

Channel-agnostic marketing and sales strategies as direct-to-consumer opportunities are becoming more prevalent and channels control your distribution

Owning and better governing your data and digital platforms for fewer wasted resources

Single view of the customer to better anticipate and respond to behaviors and preferences

Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) and its impact on marketing and communications


Brain+Trust Partners offers three levels of briefings which vary in length and access. For each, we will hold up to two preparatory phone calls with you and travel to your preferred meeting site.

Meeting (90 minutes)

In this session, we’ll provide a presentation of the topic of your choice and engage in a roundtable discussion with your team. You will have hotline access to the Brain+Trust team for one week following the session: we will make ourselves available for phone calls and additional coaching during that time.

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Half Day (4 hours)

In addition to a presentation on the topic of your choice and a roundtable discussion with your team, we will do a deeper dive with you on that topic, and associated concerns. You will present current and future plans and receive our feedback, and we’ll develop some actionable ideas with you to take away. You will have hotline access to the Brain+Trust team for two weeks following the session.

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Full Day (8 hours)

Same as the Half Day briefing, but appropriate for off-site meetings. We will attend the event and get a better sense of your company and team and the challenges you face, and hold our session with you in that setting. You will have hotline access to the Brain+Trust team for one month following the session.

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We also spend longer sessions with teams to understand and provide guidance for:

Content strategy and program development

Social and digital strategy

Innovative program and product design/development

Team structure and business process improvement

Vendor selection


If you would like to set up an Executive Briefing with your team, please contact us, or simply use your credit card to book a 90-minute meeting, half-day session or full-day engagement.

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