The Difference is the show for big brand executives exploring one big question: In the digital age, why do some brands thrive while others struggle to survive? Join us the first and third Tuesdays each month where the founders of Brain+Trust Partners discuss one big technology and business trend to explore the difference between succeeding and scuffling when trying to capitalize.

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From the content we’re served up to the offers we receive, the future was supposed to deliver our preferences directly to us. But instead, we got mass marketing on more platforms than ever. Whatever happened to the promise of personalization? Brain+Trust Partners CEO, Scott Monty, looks at how some brands use personalized communications well, while others look foolish.

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Brain+Trust Partners’ Christopher Barger and co-host Jay Acunzo dive into autonomous vehicles and try to separate hype from substance. Specifically, Christopher pulls from his years at GM and working with Fortune 500 executives to outline the real transformation needed to make autonomous vehicles part of our future. Make no mistake: The technology is quarters away, not years, and yet there’s one big piece nobody is talking about.

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In the third episode of The DifferenceBrain+Trust Partners’ Tim Hayden and co-host Jay Acunzo talk artificial intelligence. Tim dives into his past and present work with larger organizations and innovative tech companies, and the guys discuss the hype around AI. What should executives be prepared to do in the near-term, and are we asking the right questions to get us there?

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