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On the inaugural episode of As Far As We Know, Tracy Arrington and Tim Hayden are joined by Josh Ginsberg, CEO of Zignal Labs, on several media and content challenges that lie ahead for brands and executives in 2020.

For centuries, public perception has been influenced by questionable storytelling, lies and news that simply isn’t true. Now, the world is acutely aware of “fake news” that flows through both social networks and mainstream media. As 2020 approaches, new threats to the veracity of news are proving that such malicious activity isn’t limited to politics and elections. Today, brands face the threat of “deepfakes” that may negatively influence customer opinions, cause stock prices to dive, and worse.

Listen now to learn more about these new threats, and how you can be best prepared to defend both your brand and executive leaders from the pain caused by deepfakes.

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Resources: Truth in Advertising ActAxios, Election 2020: Brands on the Ballot Whitepaper

Guest: Josh Ginsberg, TwitterLinkedIn

Hosted By: Tracy Arrington & Tim Hayden

Produced By: Gracyn Green & Addison Dobias

Recorded at Firmspace in the Brain+Trust studio, located in beautiful Austin, Texas.