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On the second episode of As Far As We Know, Tracy Arrington and Tim Hayden are joined by Tricia Houston, Founder of MMR LIVE, about the vital importance of primary research and experiential design. With organic digital engagement dying and customer privacy legislation tightening over the next two quarters, it turns out that what happens offline, IRL, matters more than ever.

The consumer is at the center (or should be) of everything a brand does – and yet, we’ve put technology in the place of a better customer experience. Is your life really that much easier if you can control your blinds through Alexa? Listen now to learn more about the over-automation of experience, how you can be best prepared to connect experience to business impact, and shifting the burden from your customers to your brand.

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Resources: Hilton Honors App, Jay Baer & Daniel Lemin Talk Triggers Word of Mouth Awards October 2019

Guest: Tricia Houston, Twitter, LinkedIn

Hosted By: Tracy Arrington & Tim Hayden

Produced By: Gracyn Green & Addison Dobias

Recorded at Firmspace in the Brain+Trust studio, located in beautiful Austin, Texas.