Like any startup, Brain+Trust Partners has pivoted its course several times as we capitalize on new opportunities to grow. And, today we’ve reached another high water mark, like few our company has ever experienced.

Brain+Trust Partners is proud and excited to welcome Brain+Trust Insights, and two new Partners to the Brain+Trust family.

As you may have seen on Christopher Penn’s blog, he and Katie Lioy have launched a new company designed to help companies “wake up” and leverage dark data — the enormous amounts of unused data that, properly unlocked, can provide significant insights into customer behavior and business operations, even informing new product design and development.  

The new venture, Brain+Trust Insights,will independently operate while being a vested interest of Brain+Trust Partners. We run our businesses separately, and we frequently support mutual clients as our services often complement one another.

For Brain+Trust Partners, the addition of predictive analytics capabilities machine learning and artificial intelligence truly amplifies our ability to help clients see around corners and connect disparate systems while implementing digital transformation. (And let’s face it: having an IBM Watson Champion on the team is an advantage for all Brain+Trust clients and our strategic partners)  For Brain+Trust Insights, the addition of global strategic and consultative services will help our clients capitalize on the data, insights and other values they unlock.

Together, Brain+Trust Partners, Brain+Trust Insights provide a depth and breadth of experience-based guidance that assists businesses to make better decisions faster and to transform themselves to succeed in the future.

On a working level, we couldn’t be happier to partner with Christopher and Katie. As we’ve prepared, discussed and readied ourselves for this day, it’s become clear that Christopher and Katie are kindred spirits — sharing similar disdain for shiny objects and catchphrases, appreciating the value of data to an organization, and approaching business solutions the same way we do. The shared opportunity and complementary services have us as excited to take on the breadth of opportunities and challenges we see in business each day.

The addition of  Brain+Trust Insights to our network positions us even more strongly to help you own your data, make sense of your data, and most importantly act strategically on insights gleaned from that data. All of this will empower each of our clients to confidently move into the digital future.